Below is a list of a few Fringe fanfics that I have written this year.

The first one, Stages of Grief, was a creative writing contest from the Fringe Forum in which we were to write how Peter finds out 'the truth' and how he deals with said knowledge. There were four enteries out of which my story was picked as the winner. Yay!

The second story When Worlds Shatter, dealt with the possiblity of Peter falling ill again and needing the special cure that was only created on the Other Side.

I have a couple other incompleted fics and ficlets lying around that I may post here at a later date. Until then, enjoy!

  Stages of Grief
  The truth is often too much to bear. When Peter learns the truth about his origins, can he forgive Walter and be able to return to his comfortable life? (Slight P/O)
    Chapter 1 - Deception
    Chapter 2 - Denial
    Chapter 3 - Anger
    Chapter 4 - Bargaining
    Chapter 5 - Depression
    Chapter 6 - Acceptance
    Chapter 7 - Forgiveness
    Chapter 8 - Resolution
  When Worlds Shatter
  When a deadly disease mysteriously resurfaces the day after Peter and Olivia's night out for drinks, it's a race against time to find the cure. (Moderate P/O)
    The Path Through the Storm
    Chapter 1 - Infection and the Delusion
    Chapter 2 - The Abduction and Confusion
    Chapter 3 - Frustration and the Obsession
    Chapter 4 - The Reflection and Decision
    The Struggle on the Other Side
    Chapter 5 - Activation and the Mission
    Chapter 6 - The Destination and Vision
    Chapter 7 - Explosion and the Anticipation
    Chapter 8 - The Illusion and Resurrection