Season 2, Episode 1: A New Day in the Old Town

01 - Never leave

You know, there's something you don't know about me.
  Peter: What's that? That once you enter a grocery store, you never leave again? Ever?
02 - He invented the Ho-ho!
Before I became chair of bio-chemestry at Harvard, it was after Oxford and MIT, I was Sous-chef at the Bakersfield Food Lab.
  Peter: Sous-chef.
  Walter: Well, technically I worked under Seymour Brodien.
  Peter: Am I supposed to know who that is?
  Walter: He invented the Ho-Ho!
  Peter: Of course he did.
03 - Custard pudding
Walter, I want to leave this place, and I don't need you to make me a cake.
  Walter: I'm not making you a cake, I'm making you a custard. It's my specialty.
  Peter: I don't like custard. In fact, I've never liked custard.
  Walter: As a boy, you loved it. You've just forgotten. Friday is your birthday. You deserve something wonderful.
  Peter: Well, for my birthday can I have 'getting the hell outta here'?
  Walter: We need to celebrate. And make sure that Agent Dunham can attend. I want to see her face when she eats my pudding.
  Peter: That's disturbing.
04 - She's not dead
  Doctor: I'm afraid your friend's injuries were too severe.
  Peter: Oh, c'mon.
  Doctor: We were unable to restore any brain function. Patients who suffer this kind of head trauma simply don't regain consciousness.
  Walter: It's simple, reductive, absurd. Life and death, these are relative terms, contextually defined, depending on cultural specifics.
  Peter: Walter.
  Walter: He is undoubtably indulging in primitive diagnostics. Agent Dunham is not dead. She's not dead. She's not dead.
  Peter: Walter.
  Walter: She's not.
  Peter: Walter! Walter, wait! Stop, come back.
  Doctor: You can't go back there.
  Peter: Please. Back off.
05 - I'm so sorry, Olive
  Walter: I'm so sorry, Olive.
06 - To Agent Dunham
  Broyles: Mind if I join you?
  Peter: I'm guessing you don't drink.
  Broyles: Double.
  Peter: How did you find me?
  Broyles: I work for the FBI. Where's your father?
  Peter: My father is off in La-la Land. Mixed himself up a really nice cocktail of Valium, Paldall*, Seconal, and I think lorazepam. Astrid is babysitting him.
  Broyles: I've been called to Washington tomorrow. The efficacy of the division is being questioned. I've been informed that our failure to deliver any useable results is unacceptable.
  Peter: They're shuttin' you down? What were we even doing, anyway? We'd sit around and wait for somebody to die some grizley, macabre death, or for the entire fabric of the universe to come shreadding apart. We were the clean-up crew, sent in to mop it up and make sure it was all neat and tiddy for the file. We were always too late, anyway.
  Broyles: That's not entirely true.
  Peter: We were too late for Olivia.
  Broyles: To Agent Dunham.
  Peter: To Agent Dunham.
07 - You know she liked you, Peter?
  Peter: Hey, Rach. When'd you get back?
  Rachel: A few hours ago. Ella's at a friend's house. You know, I didn't want her to remember her Aunt like this. She had a living will, no life support. They're gonna do this in the morning, so I've just been sitting with her and... Do you wanna...
  Peter: Yes.
  Rachel: You know she liked you, Peter. Did you know that?
08 - Goodbye, Olivia
  Peter: Hey. Goodbye, Olivia.
  Olivia: Είναι ένα καλύτερο άνθρωπο από τον πατέρα σου.
09 - I need my gun
  Olivia: Is Peter here? I need to see him.
  Rachel: He's here, he's here.
  Peter: I'm right here, hey.
  Olivia: Hey, hi. I went somewhere.
  Peter: I know, you went to New York.
  Olivia: No. Yeah, but...
  Peter: Olivia, look. You were in an accident.
  Olivia: No, no. I was trying to get somewhere and someone was trying to stop me. But I went there anyway and... Oh, God, what is happening to me?
  Doctor: Mr. Bishop, please. She needs to stay calm.
  Olivia: He told me something.
  Peter: Who?
  Olivia: I don't know, I can't remember but oh, it was very important. And there's something that I have to do.
  Peter: Who, Olivia? Who told you to do what?
  Olivia: I don't know, but there's something that I have to do and I--
  Peter: What, tell me.
  Olivia: I think our lives might depend on it.
  Peter: Whose lives?
  Olivia: Everyone's.
  Doctor: Get a betablocker to get her pulse down.
  Olivia: Peter, I need my gun. Please, I'm not safe. Somebody hurt me, they did this to me. Please, Peter, my gun. I need my gun. Please, Peter.
10 - It's good to see you again
So, who was she?
  Pete: Walter thinks that she was a shape-changing soldier from another universe. He thinks that might be where you went. Hm. Do you think it's a bad sign that I can say that out loud and neither one of us thinks I'm crazy?
  Olivia: She thought I knew where something was hidden.
  Peter: No matter what happened to you and no matter where you went, Walter will figure it out. Olivia, I need to ask you something.
  Olivia: Sure.
  Peter: Είναι ένα καλύτερο άνθρωπο από τον πατέρα σου. You said that to me, just after you woke up. Do you remember it?
  Olivia: No. Latin?
  Peter: Un-un. Greek. My mother used to say that to me every night before I went to bed.
  Olivia: There really is no point where things just can't get weirder, is there? What does it mean?
  Peter: It means 'be a better man than your father.' Walter was already gone, it was like a code between my mother and me. It meant keep your people close, take care of the people you care about.
  Olivia: Well, you're good at that.
  Peter: It's good to see you again, Olivia Dunham.
  Olivia: It's good to see you, too.
  Nurse: It's time to check your vitals.
  Peter: You should get some rest.
  Olivia: Peter. Is it true that they're shutting us down?
  Peter: No.
11 - You surprise me, Mr. Bishop
  Peter: Agent Broyles.
  Broyles: Mr. Bishop.
  Peter: At the bar you said they needed to see results.
  Broyles: Yeah.
  Peter: Walter says this tech isn't from here, and that it's broken. But it is proof. And if they can fix it, they can have an army that can look like anyone they want them to. You tell them you can get this tech and they can have it but they're not shutting us down. From now on, we're calling the shots. We're done reacting. We're not gonna be too late any more. After all, somebody's gotta save their asses, right?
  Broyles: You surprise me, Mr. Bishop.
  Peter: Thanks.
12 - Shaking Hands
  Olivia finally manages to load her gun.