Season 2, Episode 2: Night of Desirable Objects

01 - Discharged from the Hospital - B - C

Let me get that.
  Olivia: Peter, I'm fine.
  Peter: I know you are.
  Olivia: What?
  Peter: Well, just lookin' for the hidden ninja sword. (B)
  Olivia: That one wasn't covered by insurance. Thank you. (B)
  Peter: Did you check the drawers?
  Olivia: No. Anything I've forgotten, they can keep. I don't wanna spend another minute here.
I'm, uh, no good at sittin' around. (C)
  Peter: You're also no good at letting people help you. (C)
  Olivia: Oh, I'll let you carry my suitcase. (C)
02 - She'll Be Fine
How is she?
  Peter: Olivia? She'll be fine.
03 - I Don't Know What I Would Have Done
When they said you were dead, when I saw you lying there, I don't know what I would have done.
  Olivia: Walter...
  Walter: But you're here now and apart from the obvious you appear to be fine.
  Olivia: Appear to be?
  Walter: No, traveling to an alternate reality has its consequences. No, no. You'll be fine.
04 - Gene Pool
  Walter: Well, we're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours.
05 - Auspicious
  ??: What cha got?
  Walter: May I? Wonderful.
  Cop: Have you run across something like this before?
  Walter: Absolutely not. The air here is quite auspicious! The hair stands up on the back of your neck.
  Cop: The air.
  Walter: This. Pregnant with possibilities. Who knows where it may lead?
  Peter: I becha he knows.
06 - We're All Mutants - B
  Peter: How's it goin', Walter?
  Walter: I plan to urinate in 23 minutes. (B)
  Peter: Good to know. (B)
  Walter: I'm telling you because I'm going to need help unzipping my fly. I can't feel my hand. It seems the substance from Pensylvania is a paralytic.
  Peter: Which means whoever took those people paralyzed them first, so they couldn't fight back.
  Walter: Interesting theory. Very devious!
  Peter: Do you think we can trace it? Where it's from?
  Walter: The base solution contains human DNA, male I think. Of course, it's a mutation. Perhaps a whole new stage of human evolution. Wouldn't that be fantastic?
  Peter: If we've stumbled upon a mutant? Mm, no. Fantastic's not the first word that pops into my mind.
  Walter: We're all mutants. What's more remarkable is how many of us appear to be normal.
07 - Misfire
  Olivia: Come out of there. Oh! Peter! Oh my god! Peter, my God, I-- I'm so sorry! I thought I heard something. I thought I-- I thought I heard someone.
08 - Nina Sharp's Recommendation
  Nina: Hello, Agent Dunham. I haven't had a chance to visit since your accident but Agent Broyles has been keeping me apprised. I was concerned.
  Olivia: Well, thanks. I-I-I am doing okay.
  Nina: I'm glad to hear that. There's sometimes the physical injury is the easiest to get over. I remember when I was first diagnosed with cancer, beside the fear, my most overwhelming sensation was one of betrayal. The realization that my own body was fundamentally foreign to me that it was a threat. You've been through quite an ordeal, Olivia, one of many lately. To overlook it would be a mistake.
  Olivia: What's this?
  Nina: Sam Weiss, the man who helped put me back together.
  Olivia: You know, the FBI has psychologists. If I thought that I needed--
  Nina: He's not a psychologist. When you're ready, I believe he can help you.
09 - A Grave of a Boy Who is Not in His Grave
  Walter: A baby boy... That's impossible. Lupis results in an overactive immune system. Her own body would have destroyed the fetus long before--
  Peter: Yes, and dispite that she was somehow able to give birth to a son, who, from all appearances, burrowed his way out of his casket.
  Walter: A grave of a boy who is not in his grave.
10 - Attack and Reassurance
He must have realized that it was his son because we found traps set in all of these holes that he'd dug all over his property. Could you imagine living with a burdon like that, when all you wanted was a son? Charlie, what if I don't want to remember?
  Charlie: You mean, your accident?
  Olivia: All of it. Where I went, who I met with, what he told me. What if there's a part of my brain that's trying to protect me?
  Charlie: I'm not so sure you have much of a choice here, Olivia. If Walter was correct about you going to that other universe, then whatever secrets you learned might be worth remembering.
  Olivia: Another universe? I never thought that I would ever hear you utter those words with a straight face. You've come a long way, Charlie Fransis.
  Charlie: Well, you know, whatever it is, we'll deal with it together. I'll help you remember.
  Olivia: I know you will.
11 - The Night of Desirable Objects
  Walter: Are you going fishing, son?
  Peter: Yes, but not alone.
  Walter: Oh, no? Who with?
  Peter: Well, once upon a time, there was a young man, probably around 10 or 11 who got it in his head that he wanted to take his father fishing. So, he saved up all the money from his paper route and bought a very special loure.
  Walter: Oh!
  Peter: It's called the Night of Desirable Objects. Sadly, his father was never really all that available to him, so what started out as a would-be bonding experience ended up with a young man fishing alone in a boat.
  Walter: And this young man gave this to you.
  Peter: Yes, Walter.
  Walter: Can I come? With you and your friend?
  Peter: You know what, Walter? I think that would make the trip.
  Walter: Good.
12 - In Which We Meet Mr. Weiss
  ??: If you wanna bowl, we close in 15 minutes.
  Olivia: No, um. I'm looking for Sam Weiss. Is he here?
  ??: Sam? No.
  Olivia: Well, do you know where I can find him?
  ??: Atlanta, Georgia. He met a girl, moved away.
  Olivia: Oh. Thank you.
  ??: That's it?
  Olivia: Excuse me?
  ??: You're giving up? I said 'he met a girl and moved away' and you're just going to give up?
  Olivia: You're Sam.
  Sam: Nina Sharp said that you'd be coming by. Have the headaches started yet?
  Olivia: No.
  Sam: They will. What are you? A size 8?